Why are my tickets / products not showing?

Modified on Mon, 29 Apr 2024 at 11:15 AM

There are a number of possible reasons why your tickets / products aren't showing for an event. Here's a checklist to run through to ensure your tickets / products are visible:

  1. You haven't added any tickets / products for sale. To add tickets / products for sale, see the following:

  2. Check that your tickets / products are set to "Display" in your product settings. To access your product settings, browse to "Admin" > "Events" and then select "Tickets / Products" from your event management menu. In the products page click "Edit product" from your product management menu or click the SKU of the product to edit it. Scroll down to the "Display" field and make sure it's checked.

  3. Check that you have not overridden the event sales start and end dates in your product settings. By default all products will show between the start and end sales dates you have defined for your event. If you have entered these for your product then your product will only show between those dates. These can be found on the same page:

  4. Check that you have set sales start and end dates for the event and the current date is between those dates. These are the dates set in your event settings and can be found in "Admin" > "Events"  and then select "Edit event" from your event management menu or click the event name to edit it:

  5. Check that you have not converted your event to a product group or vice-versa. Browse to "Admin" > "Product Groups" and see if your event is there. If it is, select "Convert to Event" from your product group management menu to convert it back to an event.

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