Knowledge base

Organisation Details (4)

This section of the platform allows you to edit all of you organisational details from basic contact information to social media integration, payment settings, site design, search engines & analytics and fundraising.

Classes / Groups (1)

Classes allow you to sell individual products to a class or group of classes. They also enable you to create class or group mailing lists that your customers can sign up to.

Committee (1)

Here you can edit who the trustees on your committee, contact them and assign them roles based accessed to the platform.

Events (5)

Events form the backbone of the platform. Events allow you to sell tickets, vouchers, products, school uniform and collection donations. You can also create tasks for your volunteers, auction lots, add discounts and offers, view event sales reports and communicate effectively with all of your event attendees.

Sponsorship (1)

If your organisation is on one of our premium plans then you can add /edit your own site wide or event sponsors.

Business Directory (1)

If you are on one of our premium plans then you can add a business directory which is a simple listing of businesses grouped by category.

Files (1)

This section allows you to upload files to share with your customers or specific roles and assign them to events. You can also mark files as "Meeting Minutes" so they show on the correct page.